Data and reports

  • Will vendor have access to consumer personal information (Name, address, email)?

    No, we don't collect any information of this type. All the data stored is anonymous.

  • What systems will be used to collect and store the data from the study participants?

    The data will be collected using the Vocads widget on the survey landing page, and a transcript will be stored in our database.

  • What is Vocads approach to deleting customer/consumer data from Vocads systems once the services and output have been delivered in full?

    According to the GDPR compliance , we delete user data upon formal request.

  • What are your policies and procedures regarding data storage?

    We do not have access to our customers' data and we do not store this data. All voice conversations between our AI and the end users of the solution are anonymized in order to be 100% GDPR compliant.

  • How can I export my reports?

    Go to your reports page in a campaign and on the right side, you can find the export icon. You can export your reports as a CSV or PDF