Nodes and Functionalities

In this article, we will simply explain the different nodes which serve to build a campaign and their functionalities while giving examples of how to use them. All nodes are located on the sidebar of the studio as indicated in the photo below.

  • Yes / No 

It is used to prompt users to make a decision. Use it for questions that require a yes or no answer. 

e.g. : “Would you like to continue the conversation?”

  • Open

It is used to collect descriptive information or answers from users. 

e.g. : “Do you have something to suggest?”

  • Numeric

It is used to collect numeric data.

e.g. : “What’s your phone number?”

  • Multi Choice 

It helps present a set of options for the user to choose.

e.g. : “What color would you like on your T-shirt?”

  • Satisfaction 

It helps analyze the mood of the user during the campaign. 

e.g. : “How are you doing today?”

  • User Input 

It helps collect typed information from the user as names, email addresses, etc. 

e.g. : “Please enter your email address.”

  • Message 

It helps display messages or texts to the user. Use this element to inform or tell the user anything related to the campaign. 

e.g. : “Your item has been added to the cart.”

  • Redirection

It helps the user to navigate from one webpage to another by voice.

  • Send Email

It helps send certain emails to notify the admin about any activity that has been conducted in the campaign. Since this is a functionality element, it will not appear to users. The element performs its activity meanwhile. 

  • Image

It helps present images to users as they are interacting with the campaign.

  •  Video

It helps present videos to users as they are interacting with the campaign.

  • Audio

It helps to play a mp3 during a conversation.

N.B : mp3 files have to be hosted online, have an URL in https format and a valid SSL certificate.

  • Silence 

It helps to have a break of silence for a defined period of time during the conversation

It  helps users to look for anything on your website using their voice. Use this element to enable users to look for any products or services on your website. 

  • Add to cart 

It is used to add products to a user’s cart. If users are prompted to choose a product, use this element to add the selected product to their cart.

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